Questions & Answers

Please find the list of the most frequently asked questions over the past year.

1. Do you guarantee no lines entry for your customers?

Yes, for all our tours both private and semi private we will secure priority passes for no lines entry at dedicated entrance. We love the feeling of skipping the lines!

2. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business 22 years now. Time is running really fast! Company was started in 1989 by Vatican tour guides. We guided kings and presidents but is is much more fun to guide common folks!

3. Do you use headphones for better hearing?

I wish we did not have to!. Our groups are very small. We have clear voices and good accents, so there is never a problem of hearing us. We love exchanging ideas with you while guiding and headphones do not help. But the rules in St. Peter's request us to use headphones if group reaches 8 guests.

4. Is there a dress code in Vatican?

Not really. When you tour with us "golf course casual" is perfect and even bermuda shorts are allowed now for gents as well as capri for ladies. If you come to see the Pope during public audience try to be a bit more formal.

5. Who are the tour guides?

Well, becoming a professional, licensed guide in Italy is a tough job. You have to be a University major. You have to take a difficult exam which is a killer and practise for a year before you get a badge. And you must like being with people. The good thing - you meet different customers everyday and never stop learning! And the tips help!

6. Do you offer tours beyond Vatican?

Our sister company offers over 100 private and group tours, chauffeured transfers and experiences in Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii and other major destinations in Italy. Check them out!. They are excellent value. ( but book Vatican with us! )